Mediation Services

The Walker Law Firm offers half-day mediation services to mediate disputes arising from Trust, Estate, and Probate litigation. Mediations are scheduled for half days beginning at 1pm and concluding at 5pm. Each side will be required to submit a mediation brief prior to the beginning of the mediation.

Why half-day? The expectation is that those attorneys and individuals seeking this service will have already reached the realization that a settlement is highly preferable at that particular moment. Thus, the preliminary discussions that begin at a court ordered mandatory settlement conference or mediation will not be necessary. If parties are close to resolving their outstanding issues, additional mediation services would be available for continuing help in reaching an agreement.

As part of the mediation process, The Walker Law firm will provide ready to use form settlement agreements, to facilitate the settlement process. Each party will be provided their own private conference room to remain during the course of the mediation.

Mediation services offered by The Walker Law Firm, can be utilized in any stage of the litigation process – pre-litigation, early litigation or eve of trial. Parties are not required to be represented by counsel. Joseph Walker is an experienced litigator in the area of Trust, Estate and Probate litigation, and received a certificate in bankruptcy mediation training from Pepperdine in 1995. Since then, Mr. Walker has conducted numerous mediations in various areas of law, especially for the Orange County Bar Association in the area of fee dispute resolution.

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