Our Attorneys Have A Deep Understanding Of Appellate Law

An effective trial lawyer must paint a picture for a jury and carefully lay out a number of facts. A trial lawyer is particularly skilled in presenting opening and closing arguments. Conversely, an appellate lawyer must present solid legal issues in a written appellate brief and must answer to a panel of appellate judges in oral argument. The required skill set is unique to the appellate practice. Contacting an experienced civil appeals lawyer promptly can have a direct impact on the success of your appeal.

An appeal from a will dispute, a probate dispute or a trust dispute is a civil appeal. Appeals for these types of cases are also an area that we emphasize.

While the Orange County attorneys at the Walker Law Firm provide competent representation through negotiation and litigation of civil and business disputes, our lawyers also possess the experience and aptitude to provide effective representation in civil appeals. We understand the different rules, procedures, and standards in appellate proceedings and have consistently demonstrated our strong appellate ability in complex cases in both state and federal appellate courts.

Civil Appeals MUST be Filed Within 60 Days.

Our appeals experience and reputation is demonstrated through the trust of other law firms — experienced trial lawyers regularly call on us to handle their clients' appeals.

Experienced Appellate Practitioners

TWLF attorneys are experienced appellate practitioners. Success on appeal requires a different set of skills than trial work, and the two settings involve vastly different procedural rules and standards. Indeed, many unfortunate parties have lost appeals merely because their trial attorney did not have sufficient appellate experience to understand these procedural differences. Our attorneys, however, have consistently demonstrated their strong appellate ability - in fact, other attorneys hire TWLF to handle their clients' civil appeals.

Appellate Cases Of The Walker Law Firm

CALIFORNIA COURT OF APPEAL, 4th Appellate District, Division 2

Court of Appeal
Case No.
Trial Court
Case No.
Appellate Caption
E059813SCVSS146291Kim Trousas et al. v. Soo Kim et al.

Kathy Henry et al. v. Carolyn Wise et al.


Alvin Cox et al. v. Sitl lnvestments, LLC et al.


Rancho Calif. Highlands LLC v. Supr. Court; Del Mar Heritage, LLC

E026313225236Laurel Homes Associates-II et al. v. Fidelity Nat.Title Insur. Co.
E026198312388Del Mar Heritage, LLC v. Rancho California Highlands, LLC.
E026115225236Laurel Homes Associates-II et al. v. Fidelity Nat. Title Insur. Co.
E024569277858Sunset Ranch et al. v. City of Moreno Valley

Baker v. Sunset Ranch

E012675225236Laurel Homes Associates-II v. Fidelity National Title lnsurance
E000518140918Robb v. Oliviera

CALIFORNIA COURT OF APPEAL, 4th Appellate District, Division 3

Court of Appeal
Case No.
Trial Court
Case No.
Case Caption
B291519EC065459 Max Yang et al. v. Monrovia-Myrtle, LLC
G04718130-2010-00415843Campbell et al. v. Campbell et al.

Hastings v. United Auto Rental, Inc. et al.

G04523430-2010-00345512Walls v. Barnett
G04447930-2010-00394872Beckwith v. Dahl
G042831A244079Liuzzi v. Liuzzi et al.
G04148906CC12770Barrenechea et al. v. Orange County Superior Court

Raining Data Corporation v. Barrenechea


American lnterbanc Mortgage, LLC v. Business Mortgage, Inc.

G03602104CC11788National Tax Data, Inc. v. The Superior Court of California et al.
G03434803CC04879Christopher v. Gonzalez et al.
G03303302CC11905Agah v. Alilakbarzadeh et al.
G03125001CC10742Howard v. Kaloyanides et al.

Blackmon & Andrews Development Corp et al. v. Fidelity Nat. Title


Blackmon & Andrews Development et al. v. Fidelity Nat. Title

G022481478405Blackmon & Andrews Development et al. v. Crooks, et al.
G021892766606Paull v. The Lakes Master Association
G020799757184Matta v. Ted Jones Ford
G017749743421Bank of America National Trust & Savings v. Pulliam Properties
G016791716133Orix Credit Alliance v. N.B. Ventures

Adams v. Marshall


Blackmon & Andrews Development Co. v. North Coast Assocs.

G013432478405Blackmon & Andrews Development Co. v. North Coast Assocs.
G013268560567Brazelton v. Adams

Blackmon & Andrews Development Corp. v. North Coast Assocs.

G012951617721Adams v. Marshall
G012618561097Urbanus v. First Family Mortgage Co.
G012386X645600Ares v. Alloy Die Casting Company
G012256X522226Bankers Forum v. County Of Orange
G011733X522226Bankers Forum v. County Of Orange

CALIFORNIA COURT OF APPEAL, 4th Appellate District, Division 3 (Cont'd)

Court of Appeal
Case No.
Trial Court
Case No.
Case Caption

Wells Properties v. Popkin


Gianulias v. Superior Court

G010513X486222C Y P v. Continental Pacific Enterprises

Ricketts & Associates v. Phelps


Arney v. Marmac Corp.


Henry v. Richardson Realtors


Transamerica Title Insurance Co. v. OC Superior Court

G005782489113Shirar v. Bank of Newport

Many appeals in which The Walker Law Firm has participated are set forth in the following list. Additional information concerning the specific matters can be obtained by going to www.courts.ca.gov.

Contact A Lawyer Prior To The 60-Day Deadline

Schedule a consultation with the Walker Law Firm to discuss a potential civil appeal. Please note: Your attorney must almost always file a notice of appeal within 60 days of the disposition of your case. To ensure sufficient time to evaluate and prepare your appeal, contact the civil appeals attorneys at the Walker Law Firm right away if you believe an appeal may be warranted. We will review the trial transcript and provide you with an honest assessment, enabling you to make an informed decision regarding moving forward with the appeal.